Love Dr Kayla! You need to give her a try, she's great...

Sharon Renfrow

Kayla always gets me in quickly and works me over. My neck, back and hips never felt so good.

Alexis Werre

Very friendly and kind would recommend to anyone

Jody Miller

Kayla is the best chiropractor I had in Bismarck, this is after seeing 3 others. She also has pads and she does acupuncture! I refer everyone to her when they ask me.

Chris M

Super underrated chiropractor! I have gone to SouthRidge and HealthScource and none of them cared like Kayla did. She adjusts fully from top to bottom and does not charge extra like all the other chiropractors. She went above and beyond with her care and you can tell she enjoys questions (which I love). I will continue coming to Balance. (: Take all my money haha!

Lily R

I've treated my chronic back problems with many Chiropractors over the last 40 years. Some were OK, some were ineffective, some even tried scheduling a follow up appointment before they even touched me! Dr. Kayla is a miracle worker! I feel younger after her treatments EVERY TIME! I've referred many friends, family and clients to her and I would tell you, If you're not getting satisfaction with your current treatment, GIVE HER A TRY! If you are hurting but not treating, you owe it to yourself to make that call.

Scott R

I love Dr Kayla! I have been dealing with hip pain for almost 6 years. I've been through all the hoops and Dr Kayla suggested acupuncture. I had never considered it. I am so grateful! My pain has been tremendously reduced and I can actually walk normal. Thank you Dr Kayla!!

Karmen B

Dr. Kayla is the best! She is a great chiropractor but also makes the experience fun and always makes us feel better! She is such a caring and personable doctor!

Tamra V

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